nadal routine 01

Routines can focus your concentration and help you mentally prepare for an upcoming performance.

They also allow the performance to stay automatic, without interference of conscious awareness.

The serve is the only stroke in tennis completely under your control. And as you either start all points with a serve or service return, you have a little time to plan on what you would like to do.

Top players have planned, practiced, and perfected their routines so that they can feel comfortable throughout a match. A good routine  reduces anxiety and focuses concentration on the critical aspects of the serve and service return.

Examples of routines:

Serve Routine

  1. Determine positioning and foot placement
  2. Decide on service type and placement
  3. Adjust racquet grip and ball
  4. Take a deep breath
  5. Bounce the ball for the rhyhtm
  6. See and feel the perfect serve
  7. Focus on ball toss and serve to programmed spot

Service Return Routine

  1. Decide on where and how to return serve
  2. Take a deep breath and take your ready position
  3. Picture the desired service return
  4. Focus on the server and ball toss
  5. Use cue word