Sport Parent Responsibilities

1. Encourage your children to play sports, but don’t pressure them. Let your child choose to play and to quit if he or she wants to.

2. Understand what your child wants from sport, and provide a supportive atmosphere for achieving those goals.

3. Set limits on your child’s participation in sport. Determine when your child is physically and emotionally ready to play and ensure that the conditions for playing are safe.

4. Make sure that the coach is qualified to guide your child through the sport experience.

5. Keep winning in perspective, and help your child do the same.

6. Help your child set realistic performance goals.

7. Help your child understand the valuable lessons sports can teach.

8. Help your child meet his or her responsibilities to the team and the coach.

9. Discipline your child appropriately when necessary.

10. Turn your child over to the coach at practices and games, don’t meddle or coach from the stands.

Sport Parent Code of Conduct

1. Remain in the spectator area during games.

2. Don’t advise the coach on how to coach.

3. Don’t make derogatory comments to coaches, officials, or parents of either team.

4. Don’t try to coach your child during the contest.

5. Don’t drink alcohol at contests or come to a contest having drunk too much.

6. Cheer for your child’s team.

7. Show interest, enthusiasm, and support for your child.

8. Be in control of your emotions.

9. Help when asked to do so by coaches or officials.

10. Thank coaches, officials, and other volunteers who conduct the event.

One of the most important roles a parent can play in their child’s sport participation is to provide emotional support.

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