Vida Mind is excited and proud to partner with Mentally Tough Tennis to bring you the
Off-Court Mental Fitness Challenge

While off-court mental fitness training is a regular part of many professional player’s daily routines, it’s rarely the case for junior players where tennis schedules tend to be focused on on-court activities and physical training. The Off-Court Challenge fills the vital gap in how players typically approach trying to win more matches. And what’s even better is that the first week of the Challenge is completely free.

Also, be sure to use our special coupon VIDA when you register, so if you choose to continue to the paid portion of the Challenge you will get our special discount.

Click Here to find all the information and to register for the course.

Free Individual Consulting Assessment

For the past 15 years, our mental toughness partner Mentally Tough Tennis have been helping players of all ages and standards reliably win between 20 and 100% more matches simply by improving mental toughness. This is the ability to take better advantage of the physical and technical skills that players tend to focus their efforts on. And right now they are offering Vida players a free 30min initial mental fitness Zoom assessment. You can learn more by CLICKING HERE