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Working with Damien, Kane and Vince at Vida has been a mutually beneficial experience. Their expertise in tennis development has meant that through our communications I have learned as much from them as they would have from me. I have no doubt their input has improved the quality of my 4A Cycle Player Mental Toughness Course and I hope that during the time we have spent sharing ideas regarding the development of mental tennis has also improved the quality of their service for you. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ve made a great choice to place your child’s tennis and personal development in the hands of such great leaders. – Anthony Ross – Mentally Tough Tennis & Sports Parent Support

Damien provided our delegates with an insightful look into the age-old challenge of “playing in the zone”: that elusive peak flow state where all athletes, regardless of level, experience an effortless and fluid performance. Damien’s research into understanding the zone through visual and mental focus research in perception/cognition provides any coach with effective tools and strategies to help athletes direct thoughts and actions towards any goal, achieving an optimal balance of mind and body. – David Philips – Tennis Australia Professional Development

Words often feel inadequate to describe the quasi-mystical state of ”being in the Zone”. Damien Lafont’s Back to the Zone remarkably achieves a new level of understanding it insightfully using the voices of those who experienced it, blending them as in a Bach’s fugue, as in a collective jazz improvisation. Reading this book, we feel closer to it, we feel it. – Prof. Marco Iacoboni – Professor, UCLA, Author, Mirroring People: The Science of Empathy and How We Connect with Others

“The inference Dr. Lafont has reached is fascinating for basic research in cognitive neuroscience and related disciplines. – Prof. David Rosenbaum – Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychology, Pennsylvania State University

“Good coaches enhance performance, great coaches change lives; Damien Lafont does both! He takes sport beyond science and influences his athletes to become more than they believed possible. He not only has the unique ability to increase athletes’ mental performance but he extends them beyond their own perception of self and helps them smash the illusion of what they once believed were limits! Having Damien on your side is the edge!” – Natalie Deane – Mental Trainer and Publisher, Melbourne, Australia