You’ve probably already lived this common experience in sport: You expect to get easily in the preliminary rounds of a tournament and look forward to the quarter or semi-final game. Then … you get knocked out by a much weaker opponent because you were thinking beyond the task of the moment.

Expectations block your development. When you have an expectation, you think that something will turn out in a particular way. As if it were due to happen. Looking forward however, distracts you from the moment. Then you become unfocused and uncentered, pressured and anxious.

The best state of mind is to expect nothing and become ready for anything.

When you put aside expectations, you accept that you can’t control your future, only influence it. Instead of expectations, establish a strong preference – A preference presupposes that you have less concern for the outcome. You keep yourself open to possibilities rather than limit yourself with expectations. To get rid of your limiting expectations for an upcoming match/event

1) Start to to list them.

2) Then, upgrade each expectation and rewrite it as a preference, stating, ” I definitely prefer … or something better.” Now your preference is unlimited – open to possibilities.

3) Then, tell yourself, “I may or may not get what I prefer, yet I do not milit myself. The best will happen!”

4) If the ouctome does not meet your preference, realize that your disapointment is less devatating than it might have been. You probably will perform at a higher level than you would have with expectations that could limit your play.

5) See your preferences as guides whose job is to keep you on the path of excellence and success.

One way of diverting your mind from expectation is also to focus on the moment and ask: “What am I getting out of this activity now?”. If the rewards are exciting and fun, see it as a worthwhile activity regardless of its outcome.

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