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In sport – as in life – many of us are critical, unkind, not very gentle toward ourselves when we experience setbacks. As mentioned in the previous article (Fear of Failure), you should focus on failure as a positive, natural, inevitable process. Some simple and true facts will always help you to deal with adversity and the fear of failure:

  1. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to be thouroughly competent and achieving. Failure is part of the process of living.
  2. If your performance is not good – think how you can improve something for the next time.
  3. Patience and persistence will bring you from failure to success.
  4. Real failure is the unwillingness to take the chance to improve life.
  5. Find the opportunity in setbacks and failure by asking what you have learned from this experience. How would you do differently the next time?
  6. And maybe the most important: Expectation with regards to outcomes are setups for failure. Esptablish strong preferences, instead, and then do everything within your capability and power to bring those preference to fruition.

To set the stage for success in your sport, set yourself realistic, challenging, short-range goals. Since you are likely to achieve these goals frequently, you will build in the psychological message that “I’m a winner, I’m successful, I accomplish what I set my mind to doing.” This will build confidence, motivation, and commitment for future directions.

The greatest accomplishment is not in never failling, but in rising again after you fall – Vince Lombardi

Finally, here are the main false-beliefs and myths about failure. Your goal: shattering the myths of failure. How seeing that your beliefs about it have absolutely no ground. Since childhood, you have learned three basic myths about failure that make it intolerable. These myths are self-imposed limits, and there are ways to change them:

Myth 1 – If you work hard enough, you can avoid failure …

Not so! The greatest could not escape failure, so why should you? In all sports, all champions have experienced failure on some level. Failure is simply a way of teaching us.

Myth 2 – Failure is worthless …

Failure is a necessary prerequisite to success. It teaches us much more than success if we learn from our mistakes, which are crucial to growth and development. Very successful athlete have a higher-than-ordinary tolerance for their own errors, mistakes, and failures. It’s not that they are complecent and satisfied no matter what happened – They are willing to learn from their setbacks and push through those temporary learning experiences.

Myth 3 – Failure is devastating … 

Disappointing, yes! But the feelings that result from setback and failure are generally exaggerated.

Those who cultivate power, identify with power. Those who cultivate failure, Identify with failure – Tao Te Ching, no23


vida mind – mental conditioning – mental training – sport psychology
Australia – Melbourne – Sydney – Adelaide – Canberra – Brisbane