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Body awareness is an essential part of any training and learning program, as well as any performance. What can we do to heighten awareness? Here’s a method that specifically foster mindfulness.

Attitudes towards the body vary enormously. When seen correctly, the body can become the vehicle of experience of the mind and spirit. Most of us – even athletes – are largely out of touch with our own bodies, though we usually remain unaware of this fact until we cultivate our awareness – or until we fall ill or injured.

The mind-body link is highly intimate. The body suffers and stores the impact of millions of mental traumas, which are stored as areas numbness and muscle tension. but often remain hidden by psychological defenses. Heightening body awareness is therefore doubly valuable: It not only trains your awareness but also brings to light and begin to heal the traumas that hold past pains and defenses.

One of the simplest body meditations is to systematically sweeps awareness through the body from head to toe, carefully feeling the myriad sensations that constitute our bodily life.

To begin this exercise, fins a comfortable meditative posture. Take a moment to breathe, relax, and settle the mind. When your awareness is clear, turn your attention to the top of the head and explore any experience there. Then gradually move your awareness down over the forehead, sides, and back of your head. Explore the sensations in each areas as carefully as you can.

Slowly sweep your awareness down over your face and the rest of your head and then into your neck and shoulders. If you find areas of pressure, tension, or discomfort, feel into them and see if they release. Also look for areas of numbness. Emotions, memories, and images associated with these symptoms may arise. If they do, simply notice them without trying to manipulate or change.

Continue to sweep your awareness slowly down through your arms, into your hands, and finally into the tips of your fingers. Then bring awareness down over your chest and back. Continue down into your abdomen, and then into your pelvis. Again, play close attention to any areas and associated reactions.

Now bring awareness down into your thighs, lower legs, and finally your feet. Feel the pressure of the floor on your feet and extend awareness down into the tips of your toes. Finally, open awareness to your entire body and its many sensations and rest in this global bodily experience for as long as you wish.

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vida mind – mental conditioning – mental training – sport psychology
Australia – Melbourne – Sydney – Adelaide – Canberra – Brisbane