You will find below testimonials and feedback about Vida Mind from Athletes who have worked with Damien. To view other testimonial sections click on which of the following interests you; Sport Professionals or Parents

“I used to be so helpless during tight tennis matches when things were not going my way. After few sessions with Vida Mind, Damien has taught me how to overcome those negative emotions and body languages. Now, I have more self-confidence and have better control on my behaviour than ever before on the court.” – Cassandra, Junior tennis player, Australia

“I started working with Damien before my first World Title fight. His work is simple and really effective. He gets your mind ready for the worst situation with simple techniques. It was easy for me to be ready mentally before my fight when I am usually really anxious. I am really looking foward to working with him for my upcomings fights in UFC”. – Tarec Saffiedine – MMA, Top 10 UFC fighter, Strikeforce welterweight Champion, USA

“Damien Lafont’s work amplifies the importance of the mental aspect in any sport. His studies and teachings have proven to be effective in developing strength and most importantly awareness in our self-talk that is often times muted by outside distractions. He has helped me begin to break down the barriers that have prevented me from reaching my full potential, and for this I am thankful.”  – Kim Vandenberg, Olympic Swimmer, USA

“Damien — clearly the master of the importance of mental and vision/gaze control in tennis  (and a few other sports as well). Together we put together drills for my son Perry that showed immediate measurable positive results in practice using his techniques. Fantastic coach. Caring quality human being!” – Perry Gregg (10 y.o.) two time Little Mo US national tennis champ, ranked No.3 in California and No.12 nationally, USA