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Vida Mind is committed to each individual. Vida Mind is dedicated to producing all rounded athletes as well as all rounded person, thus creating life opportunity for the individual. “The real great make you feel that you can become great”. Vida Mind believes that creating the correct environment for the individual is paramount to the development of the player. Maintaining balance in and out of training is also essential to keep the players’ minds stimulated, alert and active.

Each athlete has different needs and requirements, therefore the best mental skills training program for an athlete will differ from person to person, but the underlying rationale is that they can continue to improve and develop their mental skills in a holistic manner.

Teach what’s essential, Encourage what’s natural, Allow for the individual

Below are the primary aspects that Vida Mind focuses on during their sessions:

• We believe that in elite sport 90% of success is based on mental ability, attitude & environment.
• We strive to train and teach mental skills during all types of sessions.
• We encourage all athletes to seek professional assistance, when required, as it can impact greatly on their life and game development.

We invite you to contact Vida Mind  to arrange a suitable time for a 30minute free info and assessment session!

Dr Damien Lafont

I am a Mental Coach with Vida Mind. I work with athletes on developing the mental skills needed for them to perform at their best.

While completing my PhD, I obtained my certification as tennis pro and shortly thereafter, my work on mental, vision and movement allowed me to hold my degree in sport science and training. Now, after a research position at NASA, I’m working with athletes and coaches from all sports interested in developing their mental skills and improve their performance. As a published author and  freelance sport writer, writint articles on performance enhancement, I stay on track of the recent sport psychology developments and gives me an extensive background in mental training techniques. Thus, for the past 15 years, I have specialized in the mental side of sport, with specialist knowledge both in mind/body connection and mental/visual skills. These qualifications are unique to the field, giving me experience in the highest level of performance.

Coaching Philosophy

My personal experience with sport has taught me to believe that sports are one of the best training grounds for life. I believe in the untapped potential of human beings. My coaching begins with the understanding that all meaningful change begins on the inner level first, before any results ever appear on the outer level.

Because it’s not about where you are right now, it’s about who you can become, I first focus on the mental process of building a strong foundation that will create peak performance on a consistent basis.

My goal

The core of my work involves teaching you how to control and create your thoughts and emotions so you can perform your best when it matters the most. My goal is to support you in experiencing enhanced performance, having more fun and enjoying more creative ways of living your sport.


My approach draws on the latest scientific breakthroughs in the field of sport psychology and the multidisciplinary science of high performance. I bring together information from my experience, sport psychologists, coaches and researchers, and the best Mental Training techniques used by elite sports people to develop a powerful approach which help you strengthen the quality of your mental game.

Mind-Body approach

Mental Training is not only about mastering the mind, it is also mastering the connection between mind and body. It is therefore an integrated whole approach that requires you to be conscious and totally present. If you seek to be your best then you need to approach your sport as a way of being fully present in mind and body. My approach is therefore based on the mind-body connection.


Personal Mental Training sessions will give you the ability to significantly improve your performance. I help you to take your game to the next level, move from where you are to where you want to be.

The primary benefit of this mind, body, vision approach is that it empowers you to live in the present therefore will help you with your overall growth and development.


Maybe you have been working hard on your physical game, but you still find that you can not predict when you’ll get into the Zone, when you become engaged, intuitive, flexible, and creative. To enter this state of “relaxed concentration” is the fundamental skill for improving every aspect of your game. My expert knowledge of the optimal state of the Zone means I can provide training aimed at facilitating the Zone in your sport.


At the core of my coaching is training you to discover, connect or re-connect with your passion. Without passion the significance of the inner journey is hard to find. Mental Training’s first goal is to really understand who you are and what drives your passion to assist you in making whatever personal changes you seek. When you follow your passion you are energized, inspired and motivated from within.

The possibility of transformation is present. The Zone is available to us. All we need do is to take the first step. Change is possible, and not all that hard, if you have some know-how, use your imagination, and take action.

Always strive to improve your skills, to be better, the best you can be.

Change your mind and your life will follow.

Think differently, to perform better!